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PezCyclingNews wrote The market for indoor cycling training systems is constantly increasing and evolving, and while most non-trackies are opting for fixed-mount trainers, TruTrainer has reconverted me to the fun of rollers with their top-end quality and ride feel. Pez reviews TruTrainer’s Premium cycling rollers. the rest of the story: Pez Reviews: TruTrainer Premium Rollers Monday, January 6, 2014 by Stephen Cheung

PezCyclingNews wrote It's pouring rain and around 7C degrees at PEZ HQ today - not exactly ideal conditions for a 3 hour Sunday session. With many of us facing bleak fall & winter days ahead, it's time to choose the right indoor trainer, and if you haven't thought of rollers - maybe you should. Pez test the cream of the crop, and nothing is smoother than cream…the rest of the story: TruTrainer: Really Rare Resistance Rollers

NYVeloCity wrote The TruTrainer rollers come awfully close to being the do-it-all indoor trainer. At first glance, they appear to be nothing but an overbuilt set of rollers, but closer inspection reveals a devilishly clever flywheel hidden inside the rear roller.......the rest of the story: Hate Volume 8 TruTrainer

NYVeloCity follow up These rollers just continue to shine........the rest of the story: Rolling Rollers

Fixed Gear Fever wrote We received a pair of brand new TruTrainer rollers from our friendly neighborhood Fed Ex man. The first thing I noticed about these rollers is that they were heavier than I expected. I knew they had a flywheel, but this box was not light. As I opened up the box and saw these rollers, I was impressed. The rails down the side, the drums, the clear belt, the fiberglass.....the rest of the review: Fixed Gear Fever Reviews TruTrainer Rollers


Customer Feedback

I received my rollers this week and they were set up and ready to use right out of the shipping box. I have used many different types of rollers over the years but I think these are the best I have seen yet. They are extremely smooth, quiet and easy to ride on. My first time on them I rode for 3 hours without stopping while watching a bike race DVD. I would recommend these rollers to anyone who wants to get the closest feeling to actual outdoor riding. Thank you for the detail and care that the rollers were packaged and the easy to understand owner’s manual.
Jamie Shea

Just wanted to thank both of you for the quality and excellent machine work on your rollers . The attention to detail is amazing , right down to the spring loaded stainless bolts on the flywheel quick release option .. The drums are perfectly round , like nothing I have ever experienced . The flywheel feels very close to real world riding. It is nice to purchase quality stuff ( worth every penny ). I will be putting in lots of hours this winter Ride Hard----Smile Often
Jim Foster

Just a quick bit of feedback on your rollers. Living in one of the wettest corridors of southwestern Western Australia (Albany), my rollers have been invaluable on the many days down here when group rides have been cancelled, or when it's just been to wet and crappy to ride, so the rollers have worked hard over the past 2-3 years (they're such a familiar piece of "furniture" in my study, I tend to forget). Anyway, I think my performance has improved considerably since I got the rollers (with the addition of a custom-made sliding cradle designed by my father-in-law, and using my old roller blade wheels), and I even use my time trial bike on them, which has worked pretty well and I can stay in a time trial tuck with no problems. This year I won the vets championship trophy, the team time trial (26.50 for 20 kilometres), the criterium, and the individual time trial for my age bracket (I'm 50), and I think your rollers, alongside my own hard work, have definitely played a role in my success.
Cheers Andy Bell Andrew G Bell, MITI, ATA, AUSIT, RN

Great product, guys! I'd been riding the same set of Tacx Rollertracks with a magnet (and a board under the back rollers) for 25 years, and when I finally blew out the last available magnet belt, I was bereft. But your description of all the things you did to make these rollers perfect had me salivating, and they live up to the hype. Thanks for pursuing excellence. Now they just have to last until I'm at least 70...
Julie Foertsch 3-time Masters National Road Champion

The rollers are freaking awesome. We all love them. I am so excited we have a pair for our VQ offices. Great work on these.
Robbie Ventura
Vision Quest Coaching

Thanks!  I had to drop you guys a note--these rollers are amazing.  I rode them for 3 hours this past Tuesday--that never happens--2 hours used to be the limit for indoor training for me, but I feel as if I am riding on the road when I am on your rollers, so it is easy to just keep going as long as I have enough fans pointed at me.  I can really do a real workout on these--an hour at 320 watts is no problem on these rollers--there is no lurching when I shift gears or even stand.  What a huge boom to my winter training!  I am telling all my friends about these.  They are a real break through piece of equipment--I mean in cycling most of what we pay for is hype--dimpled wheels, 500 dollar brake calipers that only save 200 grams, but these rollers are not a gimmick.  I can sell my trainer now. Thanks guys.  More people need to hear about these.

The rollers are fantastic…have been getting on them here and there for an hour or so at a time to learn how to ride on rollers. It’s been fun, and I can see the benefits of using them...sometimes I can't wait for cold weather. Great product and I look forward to helping make sure others know how great they are too. Thanks for everything.
Anne Jones Thompson
TriAdventure Multisport Coaching & Fitness

I am really enjoying the rollers. It didn't take as long as I thought it would to get the hang of it. For sure this trainer is more realistic than other exercise bicycle/rollers I have used in the past. Money well spent. Ever considered actuating the front rollers to simulate hilly conditions or is this a safe idea. Thanks.
Carl Barnett

I'd like to thank you for giving us the rollers this winter and letting us use them and test them. When I actually had to ride the rollers this winter I would always look for one of your pair to ride and that's the only ones I would ride. After riding those its hard to go back to any others. Also thanks for the help at Nationals with everything, it was a big help. I know everyone liked having you there and really appreciated your efforts with the team. Thanks for everything, and I'll be in touch.
Jake Rytlewski
Marian College Cycling Team
2nd Place 2005 Collegiate Road Nationals

I love my TruTrainer. It allows me to do workouts on the rollers that I was previously unable to do due to the lack of adequate resistance. I've never been a fan of the fan or magnetic resistance units due to their noise and unrealistic feel. I've put my Cyclops Fluid trainer away since I received the TruTrainer as I am now able to do all my workouts, except for climbing repeats, on the TruTrainer that I previously did on the Cyclops Fluid Trainer. The only thing I am unable to do is raise my front wheel six inches for climbing repeats which engages the gluteus and hamstrings more. My wife is learning to ride Rollers on the TruTrainer, and is enjoying the experience, as much as one can for learning rollers. I feel the TruTrainer is better for learning for her because she is able to coast when needed. As for the Garage Grinds, since the weather has warmed up above 28 degrees, we hard core roadies are venturing out into the sun to get road miles, natural Vitamin D, and fight off the Seasonal Affective Disorder with real sunlight. I've had one team member come over for a ride a few times and he enjoys it so much he is advising others to come over to try them. I'm hoping that the weather cools down again so others would be more motivated to come over to try them. In the mean time, Renae and I are enjoying them several times a week. At this time, my team members have commented more about pricing rather than inquiring about when they may come over to ride them. My comeback is, " If you had the opportunity to test drive a Rolls Royce or Jaguar for free, wouldn't you? Come on over and appreciate the Rolls Royce of Rollers!" Look forward to talking to you soon.
Kelly Sparks

got 'em, rode 'em, love 'em! Great smooth ride, fantastic workout, (sweated like a pig), even got into my aero bars on rollers for the 1st time! Been riding rollers for about 3 years. Now how to go "no hands"?! and out of the saddle?! A little hesitant on the price but the quality and true road ride is worth the price. Excellent quality. You've got my support. Thanks guys.
Marty Walling

Although Tennessee’s winter has been temperate this year with daytime temperatures during January averaging in the 50s, I began riding the rollers for longer duration sessions (between 1.5 and 2 hours). I have a PowerTap on one of my bikes that I use on the road and on the TruTrainer. My experience shows that at road riding speeds using a steady state cadence, the progressive resistance generated by the TruTrainer rollers requires effort that corresponds directly to the power I expend on the road at the same speeds (in the absence of wind). I’m sure this corresponds to your experience. It really is like riding on the road. I saw the good product coverage you obtained in the most recent issue of VeloNews. (I thought it was too bad that they placed the platform on the ground under the unit rather than in its position on the roller’s rails.) I continue to show the product to riders and bicycle club members. I will extend the duration of my rides as the weather suddenly turns colder in February. And I will continue to send periodic updates on my experience. The unit is a pleasure to own.
Ian Lochridge

I love your product, and I believe more cyclist need to be exposed to them. If it wasn't for my friend Kelly Sparks, I would never have known about them. And yes, I would be willing to introduce them to Robbie, and the rest of VQ. In fact, I was going to show him whether you guys asked me to or not. I've already raved about them to several people, and I've only had them a couple of days! These rollers are fabulous!!
Chris Mosora

CycleDyne, I wanted to send you a quick note after riding my new TruTrainer over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. I received my rollers on Wednesday, 11/22, and rode them for the first time Wednesday evening. Your product is the most satisfying cycling equipment (less a new bike) I have purchased in some time. I actually had a hard time deciding whether or not I should get on the road or use my rollers. Thank you very much for your very fine and quality product. It will get more than its fair share of use over the years… wife even wants to use my TruTrainer!! All the best.
Brad Mann

Hey Ross and Jeff. Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the rollers. I can actually get out of the saddle, very fun!!! I may never ride on the road again, so far no one has cut me off or tried to put me in a ditch. Thanks again. Great product!!
Rob Wilton

Just a quick note to say how much I have been enjoying the TruTrainers. My shipment arrived and it was nice to see your personalized note written inside the box. It feels good to support an outfit like yours that is clearly dedicated to providing a quality product to the cycling community. Let me tell you, your efforts are certainly appreciated. Since that time I have logged many comfortable, pleasant and hassle-free hours on them. Since now is the time to start ramping up the on-the-bike training and to help the stretch pass by, five of us got together in the basement this past weekend to train together. Let me tell you, the TruTrainer rollers were the envy of the session! Keep up the good work!
Jay Heins

Got my rollers a week ago and the quality, design and finish are great. Your customer service is beyond first class!!!
Kent Sechler