TruTrainer Quality  

TruTrainer Rollers Establish a New Standard

Our mission at CycleDyne LLC is to design and manufacture the world's best bicycle rollers. In pursuit of this, we have established new standards in functionality, performance, and quality.

Attention to detail, has delivered class leading functionality, and is evident throughout; from level ride attitude provided by the front roller elevation, to ride stability due to optimized roller geometry, to easy roller setup via self aligning stainless steel fasteners, to efficient transportability enabled by our precision hinge and carrying handle, to safer mounting and dismounting due to the non-slip surface of our platform and rails. Our unique integrated flywheel and viscous load device deliver world beating performance by providing a ride so realistic, that it is the next best thing to being on the road. And of course, we provide superb quality as exemplified by our excellent fit and finish delivered from using aerospace manufacturing tolerances.

So, please take a moment to explore what makes TruTrainer Premium Bicycle Rollers the world's best bicycle rollers. Below is a graphical tour of our rollers with links to various component details. See for yourself the quality design and manufacturing that define this remarkable training tool.

Ross and Jeff